I did the song Don't trust me for my bff Ellie.  The gummy bear songs r 4 Sireen. Love story is 4 me.

My 10 favorite songs 

1. Right Round

2. Don't trust Me

3. Love Story

4. Sugar

5. Boom Boom Pow - even though it is kinda scary

6. You found me

7. Poker Face - my dog has the poker face!

8. I'm your's

9. Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

10. Shake it


So, I play the piano, I do swimming in Northhamton, and am a master at bike riding. My brother is obsessed with Star Wars. I also have a REALLY cute dog named Chester. I have a job - to take care of dogs. In fact I've already gotten $28! Anyway, this page is all about............